Current Challenges

Time Consuming

Planning and executing effective marketing campaigns are complex & time consuming.

Manual Processes

Most reward campaigns are manual and agency dependent without real-time control.

High Costs

Disconnected program management leading to increased costs and reduced efficiency.

Features & Benefits through our solution


Super charge customer acquisition through offers, incents, discounts, and measure the impact.


Improve customer trials, adoption, and usage with surprise rewards.


Retain customers and improve customer lifetime value and ARPU.


Get organic customers through referrals. Build refer a friend campaign and turn your customers into your best salespeople.


Improve revenue with loyalty campaigns. Turn customers into loyal advocates and acknowledge their loyalty with rewards.

Digitize consumer & sales promotions

Plum gives you a complete consumer rewards management solution for personalized rebates, referrals, coupons, contests, giveaways, sampling, cashback, sign-ups, sweepstakes, and more. Plan your consumer and sales promotions from a single platform with a global built in offer catalog.

Seamless integrations with your marketing tools

Drive incentive marketing from the tools you might already use. This gives you an easy & seamless way to run your campaigns.

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"Before Xoxoday, our engagement program was dispersed and regional. They helped us unify our engagement program. Their exceptional technology support is one of their greatest advantages. Xoxoday has made our implementation much more streamlined and defined. We have statistically observed that the delivery executives who are engaged through Xoxoday have significantly better shift completion, attendance and delivery time."
Sodyam Bebarta
Software Developer, DevOps & QA

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"Our signature club – the top 50 of dealers - contribute 40% of our revenue. It is important to get a better shop share with them because our industry is highly competitive. Xoxoday helped us create and nurture this exclusive community of channel partners with the use of technology, rewards and their aspirational redemption catalogue."
Mayank Agarwala
Business Analyst, Team Empuls