Plum for Agencies

Managing reward programs for your clients is now made easy with Plum’s powerful automation platform.
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Current Challenges

Managing Multiple Customers

Managing reward programs of multiple customers manually is cumbersome.

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Lack of Custom Reward Catalog

A global catalog that is customised for each customer need is missing

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Inaccurate Manual Reporting

Manually collating & analysing reward program performance can be faulty & inaccurate.

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Features & Benefits

Single Platform to Manage Multiple Customers

The flexible system in Plum empowers you to manage multiple customer accounts on a single platform. With the multi-admin feature, you can let different team members manage different customer accounts with ease.

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Customized Catalogue for Each Customer

Customize the reward catalog to suit the budgets, needs and presence of each of your customers. The completely self-serve capabilities of the platform gives you full control to manage everything in real-time.

Integrate with Ease

Plum’s powerful plug and play capabilities let you seamlessly integrate with your customer’s existing CRM, HRMS, ticketing tool, survey tool etc. to make your reward programs more effective.

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Powerful Reports & Analytics

Drawing accurate insights on spending patterns, usage patterns, program ROI & discounts etc. and sharing the reward program performance with your customer is made simple with Plum’s powerful reports and analytics.