Make learning a rewarding experience

Encourage learning and development in your organization by rewarding employees with points and rewards.
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Make Learning Fun

Reward employees with points and badges as they progress up the ladder or achieve milestones. Make learning a fun process by using gamification techniques in your LMS.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Drive competition among learners

Use leaderboards to instil a sense of competition among your learners. Motivate leaders to stay on top of the leaderboards by rewarding them with points, badges and encouraging laggers to reach top of the board.

Recognise Efforts with Instant Rewards

Automate the rewarding process by instantly sending gift cards or points on completion of various milestones. Let your users choose a reward of choice from an extensive global catalog.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Get Real Time Insights & Analytics

Integrate with your existing LMS platforms to get real-time insights on employee learning and redemption patterns. Analyse the data to appropriately nudge employees with rewards and incentives.


Drive Employee Learning withRewards & Incentives

Reward employees with points on completing their mandatory onboarding training.
Recognise employees with Amazon vouchers and cashbacks on successfully completing certifications and training.
Offer exclusive discounts on platforms like Udemy, Coursera etc. to encourage learning while working remotely.