Build a delightful gifting experience from the flexibility of your own platform

Seamlessly plug a vast catalog of gift cards into your existing application using our headless plug-and-play Rewards API. Enable your users to redeem exciting gift vouchers from over 10,000 options from the top brands.

Trusted by 5000+ businesses across the globe

Rewards API is an ideal fit for

Referral programs
Loyalty programs
HRMS platforms
Influencer marketing
Gaming platforms
Crypto platforms

Gift cards from the top global brands

Empower your users to redeem from a diverse range of options with 10,000+ gift vouchers from over 25 categories, spanning gaming, groceries, fashion, electronics, travel, wellness, and more.

Easier, faster and better rewarding than ever before

Flexible filters
Request and display only the specific gift cards that you prefer based on filters such as country, currency, value, and category of the gift cards.
API pagination
Optimized for peak efficiency, Plum Rewards API comes with a pagination feature to ensure that we keep network traffic stable and in check.
Headless architecture
API library designed to support iterative development with RESTful endpoints. Roll out features with ease, without large up-front investments.
Enable users to continue using the existing version and only update their applications to the recently rolled out API versions when they are ready.
Rewards API supports webhooks for cases where a request is not needed from your application, making it more efficient to manage.
Reports and analytics
Always stay informed with real-time reports, analytics, and insights along with details of your order and payments on our intuitive dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Rewards API and what are the types of rewards we get access to?

The Rewards API allows companies to instantly fetch and send gift cards (also referred to as gift vouchers or brand vouchers) at scale, globally. When a company connects with the Rewards API, they can fetch, filter, and place orders to distribute gift cards individually or in bulk.

2. Is the Rewards API free?

Yes, the Rewards API is absolutely free. View our API docs to know more. 

3. Is there a limit on the number of gift cards we can send?

No, you can send any number of gift cards from our platform. Be sure to check the digital wallet section on our dashboard which will show you the available funds in real time. You can top it up in order to complete the order. 

4. How can we get the API keys to get started with the integration?

You can create a sandbox account to get the access keys for your integration. Once you have created the sandbox account, you can explore our API documentation to view the next steps.

5. How long does it take to go live?

Our customer success team is always available to assist you with the integration. Go-live can take anywhere from a few hours to a few business days. However, it also depends on your development team and the time they take to integrate the Rewards API with your application.

6. Can gift cards be sent in multiple currencies?

Yes, Xoxoday Plum supports multiple currencies. You can set the currency while placing an order via the API.