Corporate Gifting Made Simple with Xoxoday Plum, The Leading Provider of Custom Gift Cards for Businesses

Corporate custom gift cards for businesses. Everyone loves them, right? Not really…unless you take the time to make your own corporate gift cards with unique branding. Like any B2B marketing effort, custom gift cards for businesses can help increase brand awareness and create repeat customers if customized properly. Why settle for boring and generic when you can create an impression that will leave a lasting positive effect on your supporters?

Customized Gift Cards for Businesses are the New Normal

Corporate gifting has become a mainstay of employee and client relationship-building. But the enterprise is increasingly moving towards digital gift cards to meet the exploding demand for personal, instant gifts that can be redeemed on the fly with maximum flexibility, managed at scale and tracked for analytics. Digital gift cards can be a good alternative if you'd rather not pay with cash or a credit card. Gift cards are an excellent option for the holidays or other special occasions. In addition, gift cards can be used to limit spending (helpful for avoiding bank overdrafts). They are simple and practical.

Plum offers the Perfect Solution for Customized Gift Cards for Businesses

Lockdowns made it impossible to give rewards and incentives in person during the worldwide crisis. Safety worries persisted even when the government approved physical contact. So, it makes sense that more consumers are using digital gift cards. Plum provides custom gift cards for businesses that help accelerate onboarding, build pipelines, drive conversions, increase customer loyalty, promote customer referrals, celebrate employee milestones, celebrate festivals, pay channel incentives and do more.

Digital Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers

The dynamics of the gifting industry have changed for good. A war for customers has already commenced, and brands are looking for effective ways to increase their return on investment. Gifts have a way of conveying good wishes and leaving behind a substantial impact on your brand. Deliver unforgettable recipient experiences and make a lasting impression with Plum’s customized gift cards that delight everyone with a single-click redemption process.

Reward your customers and employees in record time, with gift cards customized for your business. Gift Cards are an innovative, intangible extension of the product or service you already offer. They are indeed the ideal way to increase ROI and drive sales on every level.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 1500+ businesses

Disburse payments globally with Visa & Mastercard

  • Use prepaid cards that allow customers to make purchases without the use of cash and credit checks.
  • Instantly send virtual prepaid cards from popular networks like Visa and Mastercard to anyone, anywhere.
  • Save money on manual expenditures and processing fees, and receive favourable discounts on large orders.
  • Pay only for claimed rewards, with no upfront charges for sent rewards, and offer multi-currency, multi-denominations support. 

Perks and savings made easy

Aid your partners, customers, and staff in gaining access to the best pre-negotiated benefits and savings from the best brands. Various categories are available, including groceries, subscriptions, dine-out, electronics, travel, education, entertainment, fitness, and more.

Plum’s custom gift cards for businesses, help create an exclusive program to meet your organization’s goals. With our discount solution, utilize our unrivalled purchasing power to give you access to thousands of suppliers from our platform. 

  • Monthly offers and deals on multiple categories.
  • Considerable user savings on ongoing costs.
  • Best deals on a wide selection of brands.

Personalized experiential rewarding 

Life is short, and time changes things physically and emotionally, quickly. Every experience is unique to you and changes your attitude, perspective, and outlook on life. You must make every opportunity count to get the most out of life. So never be afraid to try something new, big or small – from hiking to skydiving or being adventurous in exploring off-the-beaten trails. 

The myriad options in the Plum rewards catalog let you reward your employees, customers, and channel partners with an experience that lets them explore their adventurous streak and indulge in their passions. A personal concierge service dedicated to your booking needs and desires lets you quickly book activities around the world. 

Charitable contributions and gifts that benefit people

Donations are an important part of building a culture of sharing and giving back to the community that gives us so much. They help strengthen your company's involvement in the community. Giving back is an amazing way to create a deeper emotional connection with your employees, customers, and partners. By empowering them to donate to a charity of their choice, you can create a culture of empathy and awareness for the causes that matter the most to your business.

  • Donate your unused awards or points.
  • Run marketing initiatives that align with your mission.
  • Motivate your workforce to donate to various causes.
  • Curate a list of charities, causes, and NGOs they can donate to.

Automated and distributed


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