Run Marketing Incentive Programs to Improve Survey Response Rates

Incentivizing surveys is the best way to encourage your responders to complete them and generate reliable, conclusive findings. Xoxoday Plum, a platform that manages incentives for some of the largest market research companies worldwide, can help you automate rewards for your marketing incentive programs.

Results get negatively impacted by low response rates

Survey response rates have been steadily declining for several years. The problem is not going away anytime soon unless you change things drastically. Getting participants to reply to surveys might be difficult due to the overwhelming digital noise, especially regarding feedback requests. Your target audience can struggle to demonstrate the worth of their time, lack intrinsic motivation, or experience survey fatigue. As a result, campaign performance and data insights suffer drastically.

Motivate & engage your survey respondents with rewards

Attractive form and survey designs are attention-grabbing, but desirable and personalized incentives to complete them are what drive survey participation and completion rates. Motivate your respondents to complete surveys faster with Xoxoday Plum, a holistic rewards and incentives platform that successfully lets you run marketing incentive programs. Drive increased response rates by offering respondents incredible rewards for completing surveys and participating in market research programs.

Why do our customers use Plum for marketing incentive programs

The benefits are many, from boosting response rates to building goodwill and saving time and money. Here’s why our customers incentivize their surveys with us. After using Plum, the survey responses increased by 30%, the participation rates increased 2x, and the market research costs went down by 24%. Supercharge market research, reduce redundancies, reduce costs and increase survey participants with digital gift vouchers from Plum. 

Moreover, rewards always work when it comes to market research. 

  • Demonstrate the worth of respondents' time upfront.
  • Make people happy by allowing instant redemption.
  • Increase the rate of eligible survey responses.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users across 1500+ businesses


Send out links with instant incentives for all research types

You can stop the decline in response rates by providing incentives over time. Utilize gamification to make the rewards experience enjoyable. Distribute instant reward links to respondents on survey completion. The best part? You only get charged for redeemed rewards.

  • Boost response rates across various use cases, from academic research to market research, customer surveys, product testing, and more.
  • Encourage respondents to participate in surveys by thanking them for their time.
  • Offer choices from countless well-known brands for lecturers, product managers, and researchers.
  • Give respondents links to quick rewards when they complete the survey.
  • Implement an incentive system based on milestone achievement to keep participants interested in the study.


Deliver rewards seamlessly across nations and borders

Run complex multi-country surveys with Plum rewards, that support multi-currency reward options across 75+ countries. Our worldwide network provides value beyond money and facilitates simple access to the entire planet.

  • Transcend geographic boundaries and delight customers with regionally tailored solutions in different currencies and languages.
  • Find scholars and researchers worldwide and get their attention with a customized gift card.
  • Run cross-border incentives utilizing Plum’s simple, no-code workflows.
  • Utilize an on-redemption approach to increase campaign ROI and pay only for redemption.


Leverage anonymous rewards to respect the privacy and security of respondents

Respect respondents' privacy and security and make use of anonymous reward choices.

People adore their solitude. Give rewards in secret. Obtain, engage, and motivate individuals using Plum without knowing or disclosing their identities.

  • Encourage participation from audiences who are difficult to reach by integrating incentives for anonymous users.
  • Learn real insights from respondents who want to remain anonymous using Plum rewards.
  • By utilising private, exclusive, and commercial industries, you can add additional value to your research.


Automate rewards and track redemption data across campaigns 

Cast a wider net and make your qualified respondents more pertinent to the situation using Plum's powerful rewards and incentive automation platform. Moreover, the Plum dashboard has ready-to-use reports, which offers visibility into all redemptions, awards, and responses in one location.

  • Automate the survey research process to reduce human mistakes in managing it.
  • Integrate your preferred tool, such as Google Forms, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and more. 
  • Increase engagement and response rates by automating the job processes and respondent rewards.
  • Identify responders pertinent to the research with automation triggers.
  • Save work hours and quickly create reports with the interactive dashboard.
  • Allow admins to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of using their budgets, examining reports at campaign levels, and scheduling or cancelling rewards delivery at any time.

Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Respondent rewarding grown at a


CAGR year on year

Sent Maximum Rewards within

6 weeks

of implementing  automation workflows