SPI Cinemas reduces attrition by 44%

Don't take our word for it - read how Xoxoday helped its Clients reach new hieghts with rewards and recognition, employee engagement, and gamified incentive programs.


SPI Cinemas company was founded in 1974 began operating multiplexes in Chennai, and eventually expanded to 10 states in India. SPI is often lauded for its premium quality and inexpensive pricing. SPI is notable for being the first multiplex operator in India to equip its screens with the Dolby Atmos and Auro 11.1 sound systems. They have a team of over 1200 employees working from across geographies.


The employee engagement process at SPI cinemas was manually driven, by either the team leads or the HR's. They had to personally manage and coordinate each of these engagement activities. Only 10% of the organization consisted of managers and corporate staff, thus this process was laborious and inefficient.

The rest of the 90% of SPI’s workforce work at the front end of cinemas that requires working over weekends and other holidays. Motivating them adequately and appreciating them for the hard work was a critical priority for HR and the management. 

The adoption of these manually driven engagement initiatives was poor owing to the differences in the way team managers would lead these initiatives for the team. Thus, the initiatives failed to witness their impact. Motivating the team to engage was the most difficult step in implementing any of these initiatives.

SPI cinemas started off their operations at 2 cities - Coimbatore and Chennai. From this, they rapidly kept expanding to various locations across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andhra, Telangana and Kerala. The existing manual engagement methods couldn't match up this pace of expansion. This required them to have a unified, scalable and digital platform to seamlessly implement their engagement initiatives.

The Evaluation Process

SPI Cinemas was in search of a digital engagement owing to their urgent requirement to have a scalable, digital solution to their engagement programs. Below given are a few reasons to finalize Xoxoday:

A powerful UI 

The User Interface of Xoxoday is robust and simple to learn and use. This was a key consideration because 90% of the platform users were blue collared employees. Ease of use of the engagement software is critical to driving adoption rates.

Variety of redemption options

Xoxoday’s API driven rewards platform has a catalogue that consists of  5000+ experiences, 1000+ gift cards and 10,000+ perks. This huge variety was a great value add for the redemption of the points earned. SPI evaluated 3 other vendors, and none them had the said variety and flexibility in their redemption options.

“We had evaluated 3 other providers, but the variety and the UI that Xoxoday had- nobody else had. The Adoption rates are extraordinary – that too for a blue collared work force – shows the usability of the software.”

Siddharth Sekhar, HR at SPI Cinemas

Customer support

The customer support and SLAs that Xoxoday promised could not be matched by any of the other bidders. Xoxoday’s Customer Service is a single call away and assures prompt resolution to the issues. Since SPI was implementing across geographies and over 1200 employees, proper and timely support was critical.

“Even today, if we contact their call center, we get the query rectified mostly within 1 or a maximum of 2 days. Xoxoday’s processes are very responsive.”

Siddharth Sekhar, HR at SPI Cinemas


Reward Program turnaround time:  90% reduction

Xoxoday helped SPI Cinemas to digitize their engagement program. Resultantly, they achieved 90% reduction in the time to implement these programs as compared to before the implementation. Once the engagement campaign is launched, employees get instant access to the milestones they needed to achieve. Once these milestones were achieved, the system automatically awarded them points. These points could be redeemed at Xoxoday’s Stores portal and the employees could choose from an extensive range of redemption options. Communicating campaigns became easy and could be done across geographies at a click of a button.

Reduced Absenteeism by 14% post implementation

SPI cinemas reduced their annual work days lost from 400 days to 350 days after implementing Xoxoday. 

The goal setting feature of Xoxoday enabled SPI to link employee’s attendance to reward points. SPI wanted their employees to aspire for a product and work towards buying it, through accumulating points. Regular attendance was a way they sought to earn these points and within a short span of time, absenteeism saw a significant dip. 

Decreased Attrition by 44%

The role Xoxoday played in reducing attrition at SPI is multifold. Firstly, the goal orientation allowed employees to focus on what is important to the organisation and this allowed their roles to be more fulfilling. Secondly, the culture of rewards and recognition helped improve morale and motivation of the employees. Thirdly, the employees were better engaged because of the free flow of information - of birthdays, corporate announcements, rewards, etc. - which also sparked offline discussions.

Xoxoday’s robust platform allowed SPI cinemas to seamlessly implement and scale their engagement programs across geographies. The dynamic earn and burn interface with elaborate catalogue options is the hook for the employee to quickly adopt the platform - which otherwise is the toughest step to implement. They are now cultivating a culture of recognition, free flow of information, transparency and fairness using the Xoxoday platform.