Plum Apps integrate all the tools
you use to grow your business

Plum Apps allow you to connect Plum with your marketing automation, CRMs, customer engagement, HR tools, collaboration software, and more so that you can simplify workflows and add context in Plum to give you a holistic view of your reciprocal growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the platform support multi-currency reward programs?

Consumer promotion is a marketing strategy designed to entice customers to buy more. The purpose of consumer sales promotion is twofold - to spread brand awareness in the market and build brand loyalty among current consumers and, consequently, to drive sales and conversions.

How customizable is the reward storefront?

Marketing incentives are rewards that are meant to intrigue and entice prospects and customers to interact with marketing and sales promotions campaigns. With well-crafted marketing incentives, agencies, marketing & sales teams can drive acquisition, retention, and engagement.

How can one request specific rewards from a specific geography?

You can plug Xoxoday rewards into your Customer loyalty programs, Sales promotions campaigns, Customer Acquisition and Retention programs and Engagement campaigns. Rewards and promotions work across the funnel and can help you drive growth in your sales and marketing initiatives.