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Millions of Choices to choose from


Collect memories with lifetime experiences. Choose from a wide range of experiences and activities like adventure, gourmet, wellness, sports, hobbies, arts, tours and many more. Spend time with your friends, families, kids and colleagues with these unique and curated experiences.

Gift Card

Gift vouchers from 5000+ brands globally. Check out a wide range of gift cards in retail, e-commerce, travel, hotels, wellness, cash cards, mobile recharges, fashion, grocery and much more


Save with various exclusive discounts and offers from thousands of global brands. Every saving you do is an earning for you. Categories include learning, e-commerce, travel, grocery, gadgets, hotels, food and much more.

Other Benefits

Xoxoday Plum is soon introducing new benefits like Travel & Entertainment, Fintech, CSR, Wellness, Utility Bills, Mobility and more. You can book hotels, flights, events, and movies. You can buy different types of insurance for life, organs, study, child, products, health etc. You can donate to various NGOs and causes listed in our catalog. You can go for a Gym membership or buy some healthy food.

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  • Insurance Benefits
  • Hospitality Benefits

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