Employee Rewards and Benefits

Instant employee rewards, gifts & benefits

Festivals and personal occasions are great ways to foster relations and celebrate. Enjoy the moment and leave the hassles of gifting to Xoxoday Plum. Automate gifting and incentive to employees, consumers, suppliers, clients, partners and anyone else, anytime, anywhere with Plum.

Employee rewards and benefits use cases


Define and control the budgets for the employee rewards, benefits & gifting program in various currencies.

Whitelabeling & personalization

Manage custom campaign URLs, banners, logo and colors as per your brand requirements.

Vast & refreshing global catalog

Select from a wide range of gift cards, experiences, activities, offers, discounts, hotels, flights, financial instruments, workplace wellness and more to build your own catalog.

Best practices

Use our global insights and best practices from similar companies like you.

Instant gratification

One of the biggest issues in employee rewards, gifting and benefits is delayed gratification. With Xoxoday Plum, your rewards are instant globally.

Program ROI and data insights

Draw insights from campaign data to improve program effectiveness and use historical trends for future programs.

Better purchase cost

Leverage our bulk buying power which can give you the best prices for any catalog option globally.

Automate manual processes

The employee rewards, gifting and benefits programs are complex with multi-stakeholder involvement. Xoxoday Plum has automated many of these manual interventions, thus reducing human errors, bring transparency and reduced program execution timelines.

Dynamic configuration

The DIY and self serve capabilities gives you flexibility to change various dimensions like logo, banners, catalog options, prices etc of the campaign anytime based on the data insights.

Personalize the rewards & gifts

Send personalized rewards and gifts to your employees using our template library or build your own template.

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