Automate & Simplify Reward Point Programs with Xoxoday Plum

Due to the complex workflows, we all know the challenges with managing reward programs. However, running a rewards point program via Xoxoday Plum is easy to set up and simple to use. So, go ahead and reward your employees, customers, channel partners, and survey respondents by just giving them reward points linked directly to their email IDs or phone numbers, used for redeeming rewards against any brand on the Plum website or app. This makes it much more convenient for your people and even helps increase their loyalty to your brand.

The problem with general rewards point programs

Traditional reward programs that require the accumulation of points to meet the redemption threshold can take forever for users to redeem rewards. As a result, it becomes challenging to manage the workflows. Not having the flexibility or support for multiple denominations, languages or currencies and limited reward choices contributes to the failure of the reward points programs. So, having a stable point-based reward system is essential.

How Plum’s point-based reward system tackles the issues?

HR directors and CXOs can use Xoxo Points to reward and motivate their staff, stakeholders, and channel partners. The recipients can easily redeem them from the Plum store. Regardless of how the points are earned, they can be redeemed in single or numerous transactions. To ensure that points are used up as efficiently as possible, the system takes care to utilise the oldest points first.

Whether it's consumer promotions, market research survey rewards, ABM reward programs or channel incentive programs, you can run them all successfully with Plum reward points programs.

Run effective points-based reward programs with Plum

Reward points programs can help you increase sales and customer engagement, but they used to be difficult and expensive to set up. Plum changed that with its easy-to-use platform, which lets you seamlessly automate reward programs. Plum helps you run customer and employee reward points programs in three simple steps. 

  • You Share: Send Xoxo Points and Xoxo Codes with your personalised branding via email or SMS.
  • They Choose: Let your recipients choose from Xoxoday’s global catalog of 25000+ gift options.  
  • They Redeem: Instantly deliver gift vouchers after they redeem points from the store.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 1500+ businesses

Multi-language and multi-currency support worldwide

Recipients from all across the world can redeem their points in the currency and language of their choice. The redemption portal supports 12 languages and multiple currencies. You can easily send rewards to people in their base currency to ensure a seamless buyer journey. Moreover, you don't need to stress about matching up the conversion rates; we take care of it at no extra charge using your base currency.

Choice of rewards

If there's a single thing that makes us human, it's our ability to desire and want. By definition, we crave objects that make our lives easier or better. Give your recipients the gift of choice by allowing them to choose from the Xoxoday rewards catalog with 25000+ options. In addition to making it simple for end-users to accrue points and spend them on larger prizes, Xoxo Points also give them the freedom to pay a small fee to buy the gift of their choice.

Bulk upload and easy distribution

How do you send out Xoxo Points to a large number of people without breaking a sweat? With the Xoxo Points bulk upload function. It takes just a tap on your screen and you can pull in a bunch of receiving emails as fast as possible. Furthermore, when sending out your packets, you’re at liberty to distribute them using multiple channels (SMS, Email or API) that best suit your needs.

Flexible denominations

Xoxo Points are now easier to pay because you can flexibly set the point denominations for distribution and redemption. You can award, redeem, and deliver Xoxo Points for any amount in any denomination that works best for you. 

Automated and distributed


worth digital gifts within a few clicks

Respondent rewarding grown at a


CAGR year on year

Sent Maximum Rewards within

6 weeks

of implementing  automation workflows