Automate & Simplify Rewards Programs for Businesses with Xoxoday Plum

No matter who you are, it's not always easy to motivate employees, customers, and channel partners the same way. And when your company, or one of its partners, has no immediate connection with the audience you're trying to influence and cultivate, it’s all the more difficult. That's where Xoxoday Plum can help you. Plum is an all-in-one reward, incentive, and loyalty platform that helps you to run effective customer and employee rewards programs for businesses at scale to drive customer engagement and retention, boost customer profitability, build relationships with channel partners, and enhance employee productivity.

Rewards and incentives for every occasion

Rewards and incentives can be a great way to express your appreciation to a valued employee, loyal customer, and channel partner and keep them motivated. Giving rewards such as gift cards, prepaid cards, and experiential rewards (or perks) is an excellent way to incentivize your employees, customers, and gig workforce and make them feel appreciated. Plum is a reward and incentive platform that helps businesses run successful incentive and reward programs for people in your ecosystem. With Plum, various departments, from HR to Marketing, Product, and Sales can use the power of rewards and incentives to delight people.

Send digital gift cards and vouchers instantly

Designed with a “no one size fits all” approach, Plum’s global rewards catalog spans gift cards from 4000+ global brands across 20+ categories like travel, charity, food, entertainment, lifestyle, electronics and more. Easy to curate, simple to redeem, Plum offers frequent opportunities for instant gratification. With Plum, automate rewards programs for small and large businesses to send gift cards and vouchers instantly and securely from thousands of popular brands to recipients across the globe. In addition, track the reward redemption rates easily to measure the success of your reward programs.

Run Effective Rewards Programs for Businesses with Xoxoday

Xoxoday simplifies running rewards programs for businesses and makes the gratification experience delightful for end users. It helps engage employees with gamification, improve customer loyalty with targeted rewards and incentives, gather customer feedback for better product development, and increase business efficiency by reducing line-barging and frequent purchases. In addition, businesses reap a higher ROI with rewards-based promotions, personalizing their offers based on customers' behaviour to increase sales and brand loyalty.

Spreading delight to 2M+ users with 1500+ businesses


Boost employee engagement 

Use rewards and incentives to boost employee engagement and motivation and keep everyone connected digitally.

Key Benefits

  • Performance rewards: Include gift cards and vouchers in the incentives structured for your sales force.
  • Recognize & celebrate milestones: Plan and automate milestone rewards to celebrate your loyal employees on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and long tenure milestones. 
  • Onboarding gifts: Give your new hires branded vouchers of their choice as welcome gifts.
  • Feedback survey: Run an incentivized anonymous survey to improve response rates and appreciate your employees' inputs and feedback.


Build customer loyalty

Send instant rewards and incentives to engage and retain your loyal customers. Give them prompt refunds and rebates to foster trust.

Key Benefits

  • Milestones: Run tier-based reward schemes, each higher level being aspirational and providing better-desired advantages immediately.
  • Gamification: Include gamification and develop game mechanics that offer immediate rewards.
  • Leaderboard: Create in-app engagement, run reward programs, add leaderboards, fully control users' journeys, and keep them engaged.


Influence purchase decisions

Use our gift cards and vouchers as the foundation of your demand generation or customer referral programs to increase your pipeline, keep your prospects engaged, scale referrals, and lower your customer acquisition costs.

Key Benefits

  • Prospect rewards: Motivate your potential customers and accelerate their purchasing decisions with branded gift cards and vouchers.
  • Referral rewards: Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors and lead generators by providing them exclusive referral benefits.
  • Customer rewards: Add a touch of personalization to your meetings and conversations with coffee and dining vouchers.


Build partner relationships

Motivate your channel partners by gamifying channel incentives with leaderboards, contests, badges, milestones and rewards. Strengthen your relationship by offering them exclusive gift cards and rapid payouts. 

Key Benefits

  • Partnership rewards: Offer exclusive brand offerings and partner advantages to encourage partners to give you priority.
  • Instant payouts: Keep your channel partners and gig workers happy and satisfied with instant payouts with flexible options like digital Mastercards, VISA or brand gift cards.
  • Milestone rewards: Celebrate partnership milestones with customised gift cards that are personalised just for you. Add thoughtful notes or messages to build stronger relationships.

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