If you too feel like this,
 Empuls is what you need

“We have a team that is scattered across the globe and use different tools. We want a single platform that will help us collaborate, share documents, and just hang-out as a team”

“We want to have a platform that is touchstone for all introductions, onboarding, communication and training for employees.”

“Work keeps us so busy that it’s easy for us to lose touch with colleagues. A common platform where we can just connect and have fun with our work friends would be great to have.”

Create a Workplace that is
Truly Digital

Workplaces are no longer restricted to be between the four walls of an office space. Meet your employees, wherever they are and help them stay connected with everyone in the organization be it from a laptop, mobile phone or a tablet.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Make Collaboration Easy

Make collaboration accessible and easy for everyone in the organization. Let your employees share documents & files, images, videos etc. with anyone / everyone without the hassles of emails.

Effortlessly Communicate with Enterprise Social Intranet

Recreate office chit-chat, fun, activities and more with Empuls employee social network. Stay updated with company news, events, announcements, videos, milestones, initiatives and projects via groups based on interests, teams, departments, locations and designations.

Xoxo codes
Xoxo codes

Remote working without compromise

Don’t let physical distance become a barrier for building great teams. Bring your teams together no matter where they are working from. Help your employees stay connected, share information, communicate with each other, recognise their peers and teams, etc. via Empuls.

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