Gift Vouchers Overview

Gift vouchers and cards make a good rewards and incentive solution globally. Xoxoday offers two kinds of gift vouchers & cards.

Xoxoday Gift Voucher

Xoxoday gift voucher is an All in One gift voucher which is redeemable on any of the other brand gift vouchers and experiences globally. Xoxoday Voucher gives the power of choice to the consumer. Consumers can redeem this voucher on the Enterprise Xoxoday website for any of the listed experiences and/or brand vouchers as per the terms and conditions.

Xoxoday Gift Voucher
Brand Gift Voucher

Brand Gift Vouchers

Xoxoday offers you Gift Vouchers & Cards from 1000+ merchant brands across the globe in multiple currencies.

Benefits of Xoxoday Gift Card

Gift vouchers and cards make a good rewards and incentive solution globally. Xoxoday offers two kinds of gift vouchers & cards.

Instant Delivery

Digital or electronic gift cards are delivered over Email or SMS making it instant in delivery.

Plenty of Choices

Gift cards from 1000+ Offline and Online Brands give choice of millions of products and services for travel, food, grocery, apparels, fashion, furniture, electronics, movies, mobile recharge and more.

Flexible Usage

Multiple Xoxoday gift cards can be added in a single transaction and can be used within validity period till the balance is zero.

Flexible Denomination

Xoxoday gift cards are available in price as small as Rs 50 and as large as Rs 49,000. They also come in any denomination of your choice. Choose your value as per the need.


You can personalize Xoxoday gift cards with your name, message, denomination and company branding in digital format.

Zero Operational Overheads

Xoxoday e-gift cards have no logistic charges or taxes and you can distribute them with the click of a button.

Gift Voucher Range

Xoxoday provides over 1000 different gift card brands across the globe. We keep adding new brands to our catalog every month.

Retail Stores

Xoxoday provide large range of Retail Stores vouchers


Xoxoday provide large range of Lifestyle vouchers


Xoxoday provide large range of International vouchers

Health & Wellness

Xoxoday provide large range of Health & Wellness vouchers

Travel & Entertainment

Xoxoday provide large range of Travel & Entertainment vouchers

Food & Grocery

Xoxoday provide large range of Food & Grocery vouchers


Xoxoday provide large range of Jewellery vouchers


Xoxoday provide large range of Household vouchers

How To Redeem

Purchase & Manage Gift Cards

Xoxoday Clients can purchase and manage gift cards through any of the following methods as per their requirements. Each of these methods is fully supported by us and you will be assisted by a dedicated account manager. Customer support is available all the 7 days of the year.

Through Xoxoday Gift Voucher APIs

Xoxoday provides REST and SOAP APIs for gift vouchers. Clients can integrate these APIs to run their gift card programs seamlessly.

Xoxoday Gift Voucher APIs

Through Microsites

Xoxoday provides support for creating gift voucher Microsites for your specific requirements. These Microsites are managed by Xoxoday.


Through DIY Platform

Xoxoday provides a Do-it-Yourself platform where you can generate gift voucher, deliver, check reports, recharge the account balance, check new voucher updates and more. This helps you use the gift card program anytime, anywhere without any intervention from Xoxoday.

DIY Platform

Through a bulk purchase from Xoxoday

You can also purchase gift cards in bulk quantity and same can be delivered through Emails. For details, you can contact our sales on business@xoxoday.com

Bulk Purchase