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Premiato come miglior software per premi e incentivi da G2 crowd nel 2023

Instant reward as a one-stop scalable solution for engagement and growth

Access gift cards from over 5000+ global brands, giving recipients various options. Whether retail, entertainment, or dining, Xoxoday ensures an exhilarating experience using instant rewards for every recipient.

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Diffondere il piacere a oltre 2 milioni di utenti con oltre 1500 aziende di tutte le dimensioni

Empower teams across departments to achieve more with instant rewards

Instant prepaid card disbursement

Make efficient and instant disbursement through Visa, Master, and Rupay cards, ensuring fast and secure transactions.

Instant loyalty

Capture and maintain the loyalty of your employees and customer base by offering exclusive rewards promptly. Facilitate swift refunds and rebates to foster a sense of trust and reliability.

Accelerate pipeline

Enhance the efficiency of your pipeline, maintain enthusiasm among your prospects, and enhance CAC by integrating instant rewards as the foundational element of your demand generation or customer referral initiatives.

Buy, deliver, and track digital gift cards instantly and securely from thousands of popular brands to recipients across the globe

Integrate Xoxoday with your daily system to get a global catalog of gift cards, prepaid cards, and experiences.

Incentivize instant rewards strategically 

  • Implement performance rewards, such as gift cards integrated into sales team incentives, to effectively recognize and motivate high achievers.
  • Establish a system for celebrating milestones, scheduling rewards to ensure timely recognition of employee loyalty, and offering onboarding gifts with branded vouchers to welcome new hires to reinforce a positive organizational culture. 
  • Incentivize anonymous feedback surveys to appreciate valuable employee input and foster a culture of open communication and continuous improvement.

Foster a loyal, customer-centric culture

  • Implement tiered reward initiatives, where each new tier presents aspirational goals and delivers enhanced benefits immediately.
  • Incorporate gaming mechanics to provide instant gratification through rewards and effectively cultivate and maintain the allegiance of your clientele. 
  • Foster in-app interaction, meticulously oversee the user experience journey, and sustain their interest by providing them with exclusive instant gratification. Make reimbursements and incentives faster to foster trust.

Build a relationship with your channel partner with instant rewards

  • Offer exclusive brand incentives and partner benefits to partners to encourage the prioritization of your brand.
  • Implement swift payment methods, such as prepaid cards or digital wallet transfers, for agents and distributors to improve brand perception through instant payouts. 
  • Initiate partnership milestones by presenting personalized, branded gift cards and heartfelt notes to express appreciation and strengthen the bond between parties.

Customize instant reward programs to meet the specific needs of your business and your recipients

As digital rewards are more engaging than traditional rewards, improve employee morale and customer satisfaction, and notice


Acceleration in rewards delivery


Faster reward procurement


More retention
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Sicurezza e conformità

Xoxoday soddisfa i più elevati standard di certificazione per contribuire a ridurre gli oneri di conformità per la vostra azienda.

Un supporto di cui i team si fidano

Assistenza 24*7 con tempi di risposta del 99,9%. Assistenza per l'installazione, supporto per il riscatto, chat e assistenza via e-mail.

Assistenza clienti eccellente
Our employees use Empuls more than any other social media platform - including Linkedin and Facebook. Today, our social connections are built in the office and Empuls helps amplify those connections. We love how the Rewards and Recognition Engine works - it's smooth and easy to use!
Premiante per le risorse umane, piacevole per i dipendenti
I recommend Empuls because it's absolutely user friendly. It's our internal Facebook that connects associates across locations, and a critical tool to engage and understand our associates better.
Team reattivi con il 100% di uptime
Empuls survey helped us know that we weren't acknowledging significant milestones. That changed with Empuls recognition and rewards. Now we use surveys extensively to improve the employee experience.
Grande gamma di premi globali
Empuls has every reward and recognition option, helping us bring complete transparency. The fact that the platform is interactive and interesting leads people to visit and use it often thereby increasing adoption rates.
Un superpotere per i marketer in crescita
Empuls seamlessly integrated with our existing systems. We wanted a solution that appealed to the entire generational spectrum and was inclusive. Empuls helped us improve employee morale and engagement levels.

Go fast, or go home!

Collaborate with Xoxoday to make the rewarding experience instant. See a significant upsurge in employee and customer retention rates by integrating our solutions and effortless distribution channels for instant rewards.

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