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Awarded as best rewards and incentives software by G2 crowd in 2023

Rewards API - your gateway to seamless reward distribution

Unlock the potential of automated rewards and incentives with the Xoxoday Rewards API, a robust full-stack embedded solution designed to empower your apps and platforms with hassle-free rewards, benefits, and payouts. Elevate your user experience, drive engagement, and foster loyalty by integrating our cutting-edge Rewards API into your system.

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Trusted by over 3000+ customers worldwide

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Xoxoday rewards API for revolutionizing incentive distribution

Total control over loyalty logic

While you focus on your business rules, we will apply your logic and automate your loyalty rewards.

Speed at your service

Get started with our dashboard and integrate our Loyalty API in less than one day.

Enterprise ready from day one

Trusted by over 1,000 global brands, processing millions of points & rewards daily with 99% uptime.

Empower your business by connecting to Xoxoday Rewards API

Benefit from the power of full stack embedded solution.

API for future-oriented businesses

If you are looking to reward a choice to users instantly from the flow of your application, you can give out an instant one time rewards, based on triggers within your solution. Xoxo Links API is perfect solution for such use cases.

  • No login necessary, single step redemption process
  • Choose a reward expiry as per your use case
  • Pay only for the rewards claimed
  • Best suited for gaming, fintech, consumer tech and healthcare platforms

API built to power rewards and incentives

If you want to enable a comprehensive points management system that includes distribution, management and redemption of points, based on user milestones, Points API is the right solution for you.

  • Manage all the point calculations at Xoxoday’s enterprise-grade dedicated infrastructure
  • Make one-click distribution of points from Xoxoday Plum platform
  • Seamless Reward redemption at Xoxoday storefront
  • Best suited for loyalty, gaming and fitness and HRMS platforms

API for a smooth rewarding experience

If you need an e-commerce rewards solution that has prebuilt latest UX and checkout capabilities, our storefront integration provides a redemption solution to the points earned in your solution.

  • Two-way sync with your points solution
  • Enable multi-currency & multilingual reward redemption with ever refreshing catalog
  • Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows
  • Best suited for loyalty, Edtech, LMS and HRMS platforms

API built to help you fully manage your user’s journey

If you have an existing points engine, & want complete control over the rewards redemption checkout experience, from the flow of your solution, brand voucher API is the right solution for you.

  • Control the end-to-end user experience
  • Access to latest catalog range over 100+ countries
  • 99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support
  • Best suited for referral, loyalty, crypto, gaming, influencer marketing, retail- tech and HRMS platforms

Increase business value as you scale

Xoxoday’s Rewards API cater to everyone's unique needs. Xoxoday is your backbone for global rewards, incentives & payouts.


Faster time-to-market


Reduction in technology costs


Historically operated with 99.9% uptime
* Backed by product usage metrics and user surveys
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More reasons to choose Plum

Comprehensive reporting

Get reports delivered to your inbox or use our dashboard to get information on the success of your rewards program.


Transcend geographies without any conversion hassles. Deliver e-gifts in a currency you prefer.

Security and compliance

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Support that teams swear by

24*7 support with 99.9% response time. Setup assistance, Redemption support, Chat, and email help.

Excellent customer support
The platform is user-friendly and has intuitive UI. Excellent customer support. Never really faced any issues.
Rewarding for HRs, Delightful for employees
Accenture- Recognition is beyond any financial compensation any person can receive, as it becomes such a wholesome moment for that individual and makes their time at the organization worthwhile.
Responsive teams with 100% uptime
Xoxoday has been very responsive so far, be it resolving an urgent contingency or any requirement. Its APIs were very responsive with 100% uptime.
Great range of global rewards
Our employees really like the Xoxoday rewarding process. The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.
A superpower for growth marketers
Xoxoday is that superpower that every growth marketer can do so much more with!. Xoxoday has been a great value addition to Xero. We achieved a 20% growth year on year and it's a brilliant performance for us.

Unlock the power of rewards automation with Xoxoday!

Unlock the potential of rewards and incentives automation. 

  • Connect: Integrate our API seamlessly into your platform with minimal effort using our comprehensive documentation.
  • Configure: Customize your rewards program by selecting from our extensive catalog of options to suit your audience.
  • Automate: Let our API take care of the entire rewards lifecycle, from issuance to redemption, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your users.
  • Delight: Watch as your users are delighted by personalized and timely rewards, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Connect with our team to integrate Xoxoday Rewards API into your platform and take user engagement to new heights.

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