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Awarded as best rewards and incentives software by G2 crowd in 2023

Reward redemption through a personalized gratifications system

Deliver a systematic reward accrual procedure using multiple modes of distribution. The versatile array of reward distribution methods includes point-based, link-based, and code-based mechanisms, along with seamless API integrations.

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Trusted by over 3000+ customers worldwide

Deliver flexibility in reward redemption with varied dissemination processes

Point-based rewards

Distribute reward points that accrue automatically, allowing employees and customers to capitalize on the increased cumulative value of rewards at their discretion. They can select their preferred items, timing, and redemption location based on their attained milestones.

Code-based rewards

Generate and give away distinct reward codes to your employees, stakeholders, or channel partners as a token of appreciation for any given event or circumstance. These codes are redeemable within the Xoxoday marketplace.

Link-based rewards

Provide an exclusive method for reward redemption without necessitating registration or login with the Xoxoday code. Select from a range of delivery options, including one-to-one, one-to-many, or self-generation for a seamless distribution.

Foster loyalty and retention among stakeholders using an advanced reward redemption system

Offer omnichannel support, simplify the reward redemption process and more with Xoxoday, an all-encompassing rewarding platform tailored to deliver a personalized touch.

Offer omnichannel support for seamless distribution

  • Facilitates the seamless management of reward distribution across diverse channels to customize solutions that cater to the distinct requirements of businesses spanning various industries.
  • Distribute rewards across multiple channels, such as SMS and email.
  • Engage customers through diverse touchpoints to enhance the effectiveness of communication efforts.

Reward redemption made easy

  • Xoxoday offers an all-encompassing platform tailored for distributed businesses to browse through categories, product searches, and service accessibility. Ensures robust transaction management through real-time processing with an impressive reliability rate of 99.84%.
  • Get access to Xoxoday's reward marketplace, which is categorized by location and denomination to allow personalized integration into various business ecosystems. 
  • Xoxoday provides APIs specifically designed for distinct product functionalities, including points allocation, code issuance, and link-based rewarding, enhancing versatility and adaptability for diverse business needs.

Simplifying the reward redemption process

  • Streamline the process of the reward program, create a campaign, and replenish your wallet in just three steps, requiring minimal effort.
  • Tailor your campaign to meet specific objectives and cater to distinct audiences effectively with merchandise brands to gift cards, spanning over 1 million choices across more than 30 categories. Customize the gifts, aligning the diverse contexts and personas.
  • Fine-tune your rewards programs to your desired outcome using the flexible widgets. Use expiry management, reward scheduler, and more to maximize effectiveness and impact.

An easy reward redemption process that resonates with your target audience

Maximize the effectiveness, and the impact of the redemption process using Xoxoday and notice


reduction in reward implementation time


more retention


uplift in Customer Lifetime Value
* Backed by product usage metrics and user surveys
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More reasons to choose Plum

Comprehensive reporting

Get reports delivered to your inbox or use our dashboard to get information on the success of your rewards program.


Transcend geographies without any conversion hassles. Deliver e-gifts in a currency you prefer.

Security and compliance

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Support that teams swear by

24*7 support with 99.9% response time. Setup assistance, Redemption support, Chat, and email help.

Showcase the expression of gratitude in the form of exclusive reward redemption

Integrate Xoxoday to facilitate motivation among employees, customers, or participants to engage more fully in activities that contribute to the success of the program or organization. Let reward redemption act as a tangible incentive for targeted personas to actively participate in the program and achieve desired behaviors or goals.

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