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Awarded as best rewards and incentives software by G2 crowd in 2023

Customer engagement platform for EdTech industry

Delight educators and students with Xoxoday, a flexible and scalable customer engagement platform with over 26,000+ gifting options to cater to all recipient segments. Improve the complete journey of pupils and educators with a streamlined process sparking excitement and reducing turnaround time.

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Trusted by over 3000+ customers worldwide

Boost acquisition of customers with value-generating rewards using Xoxoday

Reward all at once

Efficiently streamline your rewarding process with the customer engagement platform for EdTech by uploading a list of upto 10,000 reward recipients all at once, using a single file, through either email or SMS.

Multicurrecy architecture

Bring joy to customers through Xoxoday to pupils beyond the borders through tailored offerings in the respective currency of the targeted audience.

Automate a streamlined workflow

Generate automated processes to define precise triggers. Deliver customized emails containing e-gift cards within minutes.

Integrate a 360-degree holistic customer engagement platform for EdTech for a rewarding experience

Xoxoday aims to improve sales execution, marketing automation, and connectivity between the pupils by streamlining the whole journey using advanced reports and analytics and holistic features of rewarding.

Generating loyalty with Xoxoday

  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships by improving your referral game with Xoxoday using a holistic reward program
  • Create a unique and flexible rewards system that aligns with distinct tiers to ensure a personalized experience for all your customers. 
  • Provide exclusive experiences to the targeted customers by generating a tailored, rewarding experience focusing on trends.

Gamify the process with Xoxoday to make rewarding fun

  • Create a dynamic connection between your customers and the product through gamified loyalty programs.
  • Introduce a holistic ecosystem that encourages and maintains customer involvement and loyalty through polls and other streak activities.

Generate an emotional connection with your brand

  • Create loyalty programs and design campaigns with exclusive gifting experiences with personalized messages and unique rewards with a customer engagement platform for EdTech.
  • Deliver exclusive rewards and benefits from the vast categories to encourage consistent investment in any educational plan. 
  • Offer pre-negotiated deals and offers to provide valuable benefits to loyalty members continuously.

Attract the EdTech customer base to run a reward program to see


More Retention


Lower Customer Acquisition Cost


Uplift Customer Lifetime Value
* Backed by product usage metrics and user surveys
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More reasons to choose Plum

Comprehensive reporting

Get reports delivered to your inbox or use our dashboard to get information on the success of your rewards program.


Transcend geographies without any conversion hassles. Deliver e-gifts in a currency you prefer.

Security and compliance

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Support that teams swear by

24*7 support with 99.9% response time. Setup assistance, Redemption support, Chat, and email help.

Everyone loves rewards when done right

Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use

The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localised rewards, helping drive engagement.

Sandeep John
Head of Field Marketing
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Increased employee efficiency by 52%

Xoxoday unified our regional engagement program and provided exceptional technology support. Their platform streamlined our implementation and improved delivery executive performance.

Sachin Kotangale
VP operations
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Mercedes improved their topline sales

Xoxoday has helped us improve sales team engagement. We are seeing an incremental increase in sales and an increase of up to 96.2% in redemption adoption.

Sonal Bharadwaj
Regional Sales Head- Luxury Automobile
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Friendly and efficient team

Xoxoday is very customer friendly and professional, and they always take care of our business requirements. I believe that their strength is their team members and their passion for work.

Shwetha Rao
HR Employee engagement
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A superpower for growth marketers

Xoxoday is that superpower that every growth marketer can do so much more with!. Xoxoday has been a great value addition to Xero. We achieved a 20% growth year on year.

Matt Wate
Head of Growth Marketing
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Transform the sharpest mind with a customer engagement platform for EdTech 

It is important to offer rewards and benefits to the customers to contribute to the brand's overall appeal, which successfully elicits loyalty and increases the retention rate. Xoxoday, a customer engagement platform for EdTech, helps streamline the reward process by allowing you to curate rewards for every occasion.

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