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Awarded as best rewards and incentives software by G2 crowd in 2023

Run customer loyalty programs with point-based rewards

Today's customers are less inclined to engage with businesses that offer restricted reward choices and uninspiring discount schemes. The pursuit of enhancing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) becomes even more challenging in the contemporary market landscape, which is teeming with options to cater to the savvy modern buyer. Nevertheless, a customer loyalty program has the potential to overturn these modern challenges and work in favor.

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Trusted by over 3000+ customers worldwide

Customer loyalty program rewards that help drive sales, repeat purchases, and create a lasting brand recall

Boost customer attraction and engagement

Promotions featuring attractive rewards are more likely to captivate customers, sparking excitement and engagement whether it's online or in-store. This interaction strengthens their connection with your brand.

Minimize profit erosion caused by discounts

With a loyalty program, you don’t always need to provide discounts and cashbacks to your customers. You can expand the option to allow users to burn points on a custom catalog with Xoxoday. You can save on profit erosion while presenting extended choices to your users, promoting repeat purchases.

Stimulate repeat purchases and boost ARPU

Loyal members spend more with each transaction as they aim to earn or maintain their rewards, consequently elevating the average order values. By cultivating a habit loop through rewards, you can encourage repeat purchases and effectively reduce your average customer acquisition costs.

Engage and turn savvy shoppers into loyal fans. With Xoxoday, the customer loyalty programs’ rewarding process is automated in just three simple steps!

Engage and captivate discerning shoppers, fostering loyalty effortlessly through Xoxoday's streamlined approach and automated customer loyalty programs’ rewarding process, ensuring a seamless and rewarding customer experience in just three steps.

Create loyalty campaign and integrate

  • Set up your reward campaign, recharge your wallet, and create personalized emails to send on-demand rewards. Add a special message and a curated storefront that can be white labeled to meet your gifting needs.
  • Easily integrate our rewards platform with your Ecommerce store, Shopify, or any CRM tools you currently utilize in just a few clicks.
  • Or, configure trigger-based rewarding workflows based on purchase data or triggers.

Send instant rewards to your customers

  • Send gift cards to anyone instantly, delivered directly to their inbox.
  • Effortlessly 'bulk upload' a list of 10,000 reward customers as a single file, enabling you to distribute rewards in the form of Codes, Links, or Points via Email, SMS, or WhatsApp all at once. 
  • Offer your customers a selection of over 26,000 reward options, spanning from gift cards from the top global brands like Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Nike, Sephora, etc. to prepaid cards and experiential gifting.

Customer redemptions

  • Effortlessly distribute promotional rewards through QR codes, SMS, email, or WhatsApp using our omnichannel solution. Connect with consumers on their preferred platforms, engaging them where they are most active.
  • Ensure a swift, one-click gift redemption experience. Keep real-time tabs on reward delivery and redemption status, facilitating informed business decisions.
  • Provide a focused hassle-free redemption experience with a specific brand gift card, easily redeemable without login or registration.

We are the trusted rewards partner for multiple companies worldwide

Companies globally have used our rewarding solution for running customer loyalty programs to reach their business goals faster.


More Retention


Lower CAC


Uplift LTV
* Backed by product usage metrics and user surveys
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More reasons to choose Plum

Comprehensive reporting

Get reports delivered to your inbox or use our dashboard to get information on the success of your rewards program.


Transcend geographies without any conversion hassles. Deliver e-gifts in a currency you prefer.

Security and compliance

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Support that teams swear by

24*7 support with 99.9% response time. Setup assistance, Redemption support, Chat, and email help.

Everyone loves rewards when done right

Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use

The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localised rewards, helping drive engagement.

Sandeep John
Head of Field Marketing
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Increased employee efficiency by 52%

Xoxoday unified our regional engagement program and provided exceptional technology support. Their platform streamlined our implementation and improved delivery executive performance.

Sachin Kotangale
VP operations
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Mercedes improved their topline sales

Xoxoday has helped us improve sales team engagement. We are seeing an incremental increase in sales and an increase of up to 96.2% in redemption adoption.

Sonal Bharadwaj
Regional Sales Head- Luxury Automobile
mercedes benz

Friendly and efficient team

Xoxoday is very customer friendly and professional, and they always take care of our business requirements. I believe that their strength is their team members and their passion for work.

Shwetha Rao
HR Employee engagement
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A superpower for growth marketers

Xoxoday is that superpower that every growth marketer can do so much more with!. Xoxoday has been a great value addition to Xero. We achieved a 20% growth year on year.

Matt Wate
Head of Growth Marketing
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Boost the success of your customer loyalty program with Xoxoday!

Developing an effective customer loyalty program necessitates more than just creative flair; it calls for utilizing a robust tool to power and manage the program. Promote loyalty with appealing rewards through a Xoxoday-powered loyalty program. 

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