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Web crypto API to transcend the traditional cashout methods

Embrace a new era of liquidity with digital gift cards. Seamlessly convert cryptocurrency holdings into digital gift cards, unlocking endless opportunities to spend their digital assets. Go through 5000+ brands in 25+ categories, including gift cards, experiences, and merchandise.

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We are a partner for renowned crypto exchanges

Simplify the complex withdrawal processes with web crypto API

Advanced exchange process

Provide immediate access to digital gift cards encompassing a diverse array of merchants and services to cryptocurrency users to utilize their digital assets in many ways that span various domains such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and beyond.

Hasslefree integration

Xoxoday APIs offer seamless integration into your existing suite of daily work tools to cater to varied users from different sectors to improve user experience through its intuitive architecture.

Endless possibilities for crypto-users

Xoxoday API integration allows users to access the reward marketplace in a personalized way. The rewards are organized based on location and value, specific product features such as points, code-based rewards, and link-based rewards.

Maximize liquidity on each exchange by integrating web crypto API

Provide a new avenue for cryptocurrency utilization to increase trading activity and drive growth for your platform.

Get headless API integration

  • Our APIs deliver tailored access to our expansive reward marketplace, categorized by geographical location and monetary denomination, including cryptocurrency, so that you select rewards that align with your customer's unique preferences and operational requirements.
  • Xoxoday APIs encompass diverse rewarding mechanisms such as points-based systems, code-based redemptions, and link-based incentives. Cash out in any given mechanism using the web crypto API.

Test, analyze, and implement

  • Test integrations without the necessity of real monetary transactions. Simulate rewards and crypto-payouts, allowing for comprehensive testing procedures to ensure optimal performance and functionality.
  • Employ specialized values in test mode to replicate various transaction scenarios within our staging environment. These values encompass a spectrum of circumstances, including declines, instances of fraud, and the introduction of invalid data, providing a comprehensive testing environment.

Enhance digital presence

  • Xoxoday offers an end-to-end e-commerce storefront solution tailored specifically for distributed businesses, facilitating seamless operations across various locations or entities within a single platform.
  • Effortlessly browse various categories, search for specific products, and easily access services, providing a user-friendly and intuitive shopping experience.
  • With a steadfast commitment to security, scalability, and compliance, Xoxoday ensures that transaction management is conducted in a secure environment, including web crypto API, to increase the reliability rate to 99.84%.

Implement a digital cashout payment method with web crypto API

Maintain security, scalability, and compliance with web crypto API to ensure that transaction management occurs within a secure environment and notice


of crypto enthusiasts spending


million users making purchases using Crypto


million average portfolio respondents
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Sicurezza e conformità

Xoxoday soddisfa i più elevati standard di certificazione per contribuire a ridurre gli oneri di conformità per la vostra azienda.

Un supporto di cui i team si fidano

Assistenza 24*7 con tempi di risposta del 99,9%. Assistenza per l'installazione, supporto per il riscatto, chat e assistenza via e-mail.

Send e-Gifts to crypto-users using web crypto API

Go beyond the geographical barrier without any conversion hassles. Empower your users, maximize liquidity, and unlock a world of possibilities for cryptocurrency exchange with Xoxoday API integration.

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