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Business Fuel Card - Smarter Way To Empower Your Fleet

Keep your employees and your fleet fueled up with Xoxoday’s Business Fuel Card & Driver's Salary Wallet. Employees can conveniently swipe the card at a wide network of gas stations, including major brands like HP, Indian Oil, and Bharat Petroleum. This eliminates the need for petty cash or expense reimbursements, saving time and ensuring transparency.

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We are a trusted partner for renowned brands

The power of a business fuel card

Streamlined expense management

Business fuel cards eliminate the need for employees to use personal funds for gas and then wait for reimbursements. This saves both employees and the company time and hassle. Additionally, the online portal provides real-time tracking of all fuel purchases, allowing businesses to easily monitor spending and identify potential areas for cost savings.

Enhanced security and control

Fuel cards offer greater security compared to cash or personal credit cards. Businesses can set spending limits, restrict purchases by location or fuel type, and minimize unauthorized transactions. This helps prevent misuse and ensures that company funds are used appropriately.

Cost savings and efficiency

Business fuel cards often provide access to negotiated discounts at a network of partnered stations. This can lead to significant cost savings on fuel purchases. Additionally, the detailed reporting and analytics offered by these cards can help businesses identify areas where they can optimize routes and improve fuel efficiency, leading to further cost reductions.

Xoxoday: More than just convenience

While convenience is a major perk, Xoxoday Plum offers additional benefits for both you and your employer:

  • Money loaded in the wallet by employers will be tax free and can be accessed through virtual & physical RuPay cards. 
  • 0 day waiting period for wallet activation. 
  • Activated as soon as KYC is approved100% digital onboarding and spend tracking
  • Real time utilization reports on the dashboard
  • Employee wallet uploads in just 5 minutes
  • Restricted wallet activation for individual employees
  • Gain familiarity with various reward distribution methods seamlessly integrated through user-friendly APIs, including point-based, link-based, and code-based mechanisms. 
  • Introduce a standard reward redemption process across diverse communication channels.

Unparalleled security and support: your peace of mind with Xoxoday

Xoxoday also offers unmatched support and security for enterprises. We meet the highest standards for data protection, compliance, and regulations. A dedicated customer support team can answer your questions and guide you throughout the process, ensuring a smooth implementation and ongoing program success.


million end-users globally


service uptime average for 365 days


global support system
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More reasons to choose Plum

Comprehensive reporting

Get reports delivered to your inbox or use our dashboard to get information on the success of your rewards program.


Transcend geographies without any conversion hassles. Deliver e-gifts in a currency you prefer.

Security and compliance

Xoxoday platform meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Support that teams swear by

24*7 support with 99.9% response time. Setup assistance, Redemption support, Chat, and email help.

Self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use

The platform is self-served, quick to set up, and easy to use. The value addition came in with the ability to create landing pages that triggered to show localised rewards, which helped our business in driving engagement. I also appreciate the excellent reward redemption support that you guys provided.

Sandeep John, Head of Field Marketing

Great range of global rewards

Our employees really like the Xoxoday rewarding process. The customer service that they offer is exceptional and commendable. That was the most important criteria for us to decide on them.

Beth Roed, VP Strategy and Growth

Really great and easy to use application

Xoxoday’s digital rewards platform, global e-catalogue and their channel partner survey features has made a significant impact on the way we engage with our channel partners.

Malachi Bennett, Loyalty Partnership Manager

Very responsive with 100% uptime

Thanks to Xoxoday, we can now automate the incentive procurement and distribution, thus saving high costs and time. The overall online respondent experience has also been excellent.

Ravi Gaur, Associate director

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Learn more about Xoxoday at www.xoxoday.com

For any support, reach us at [email protected]

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